Help Save the BC Film and TV Industry

Over the past 18 months UBCP has been involved in a very intensive government outreach effort.  Our Government Relations Committee has met with 20 politicians representing all the major political parties at the provincial and federal levels of government.  This includes two separate meetings with the BC Minister responsible for the film and TV industry.
The issues we have discussed include:
·       Leveling the playing field with Ontario and Quebec
·       Tax averaging for performers
·       Inter-provincial performer mobility
·       Non-Canadian Performers taking jobs from Canadian Performers
Of course, a great deal of our discussions have centred on leveling the playing field with Ontario and Quebec which provide better incentives for production than BC.  In the last few years those two provinces have attracted more than a billion dollars in production away from our province.
While we left all of our meetings with the impression that our concerns were being politely heard, we have not been left with the impression that any change to the current government approach would come quickly.

The grassroots Save BC Film campaign has arrived at just the right time.  UBCP (and our partners in the Motion Picture Production Industry Association) have very respectfully informed the government and opposition about the issues facing the industry here.  Save BC Film has added a lot of volume and media profile through their magnificent efforts.

UBCP will continue to meet one on one with BC’s elected representatives.  We will continue to be a part of MPPIA’s outreach efforts, and at the same time we have added our support to the grassroots Save BC Film campaign.

Here are three things you can do to make the BC film and television industry competitive again:

1.     Sign the petition at http://www.avaaz.org/en/petition/SAVE_BC_FILM/?weKgRdb

2.     Send your MLA an email or letter.  Or, give them a phone call.  Use MLA finder http://www.leg.bc.ca/mla/3-1-1.htm for contact information.  For advice on what to say please see the “Tips when contacting your MLA” below.
3.     Visit these important links to stay current on what is happening:
Save BC Film – https://www.facebook.com/savebcfilm
We Create BC – https://www.facebook.com/wecreatebc

Tips when contacting your MLA
·       Always be respectful.
·       Let the MLA know you are one of their constituents.
·       Make your point about how the downturn in the industry has affected you and your family.
·       Ask them to consider the 25,000 people working in the industry and the consequences of those people staying unemployed.
·       Make the point that not only are there 25,000 direct jobs, but there are thousands of indirect jobs created by industry.
·       Make the point that the investment in the film and TV industry is a good investment, which makes a positive contribution to the BC economy.
·       UBCP’s specific ask has been to have our government inform Ontario and Quebec that we will match their credits whether they go up or down.  MPPIA’s ask has been to come within 5% of the Ontario advantage.  We support whatever action the government takes providing it leads to us being competitive again.


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