My little Facebook skirmish with a cyber Christy Clark

Dear Premier Clark

Earlier today I left the following post on your facebook page regarding the 10 year contract for the teachers.

Wow – clearly you are deleting negative comments here. Ms. Clark – would you sign a radio contract for 10 years. That is a very unrealistic thing to expect any professional to do. It shows again this government’s inability to see the big picture. There is more to government than bottom lines and balanced budgets. In times of economic hardship you allow for debt to grow the economy and then balance it when the economy is robust – like all countries all over the world are doing now to pull out of this world economic tail spin. You are playing it safe by sticking to numbers because you lack the courage and vision to be bold. In the long run you are hurting the future of this economy with these oppressive short sighted measures. The good teachers will leave, the film industry will leave and you will be left with a culture-less province that caters to pipelines and natural gas.”

My post was deleted and I have now been blocked from posting on your facebook page.
I stand by my opinions and my post. Nothing was abusive. I just clearly disagree with your policies. I am assuming that whomever administers your Facebook is a government paid employee. As a tax payer I take issue with this. Perhaps you don’t understand Facebook. If you wish to have a Fan page where no one can comment but can see your posts and like photos etc then you should do that. I do. As an actor I don’t invite the opinions of other’s because I am not a public servant. If you are going to delete any critical posts then you are falsely giving the impression that more people support your policies than perhaps do not. That is deceitful. Check out Barak Obama’s Facebook page. There is a lot of dissent and differing opinions but that is the voice of the public. Sanitizing your page doesn’t garner you support, it makes transparent your disregard for the people over whom you govern.


Ellie Harvie

  1. Henry Mah said:

    Keep in fighting the good fight for our industry!

  2. great message to the ‘preem’..ellie, we worked together on something in Vic..Croon? i see your posts on #savebcfilm. i was the ALM on Croon but now a location scout, in Vancouver for 10 years but now home in YellowPoint on the Island. nice to see you out and about and ‘activisting’.

  3. Hi Ellie, great post and I also have been deleted and cannot post on Ms. Clark’ page. As a tax paying citizen and an Armed Forces veteran I am outraged by this censorship. I was not aware that we live in a Province where the voice of dissent is suppressed. What next? Are we going to be jailed if we don’t toe the part line?

    Andrew Mulkani

  4. Julie said:


    Couldn’t have said it better myself. People seem to think that having more women in politics would make the world a better place. So far my experience is that all politicians are power hungry megolomaniacs, regardless of gender. I don’t trust any of them.

  5. Ian Thompson said:

    Ellie. That is sooo well said.

  6. Oliver Sandor said:


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